1. Hunchback of Nordstromdame. (at Nordstrom Americana)

  2. Hunchback of Nordstromdam. (at Nordstrom Americana)

  3. Strange things are afoot at the Circle K. (at Circle K San Dimas)

  4. I wish we traveled by trains more. (at Pacific Railroad Society, Inc.)

  5. Getting lost in areas I’m unfamiliar with is a hobby of mine. Nice to meet you, San Dimas. (at Old Town San Dimas)

  6. Sometimes, you just gotta get out and explore areas and places you’re unfamiliar with. This is my first time in San Dimas that didn’t involve going to Raging Waters. (at Old Town San Dimas)

  7. Relaxing at home from a busy week by beating up gang members. #finalfight #mikehaggar #fridaynight #retrovideogames

  8. Quality lunchtime for me.


  10. Movie Mornings honoring Flashback Fridays. Synergy! #moviemornings #flashbackfriday #fbf #rodneydangerfield