1. Dial M For Music. #alfredhitchcock (at Hollywood Bowl)

  2. #SelfieSunday #toxicavenger #toxie

  3. He loves San Dimas. (at San Dimas, California)

  4. Today’s video shoot…

  5. While I wait for the washing machine to finish, it’s Samurai Shodown II time on my phone. #laundryday #samuraishodown #samuraishodownii #sundaymorning (at Stop & Wash Coin Laundry)

  6. Hunchback of Nordstromdame. (at Nordstrom Americana)

  7. Hunchback of Nordstromdam. (at Nordstrom Americana)

  8. Strange things are afoot at the Circle K. (at Circle K San Dimas)

  9. I wish we traveled by trains more. (at Pacific Railroad Society, Inc.)

  10. Getting lost in areas I’m unfamiliar with is a hobby of mine. Nice to meet you, San Dimas. (at Old Town San Dimas)